Optometry Licensing and CE Requirements for 2020

Source: http://www.tob.texas.gov/continuing-education-topics.1.html


When is my continuing education (CE) deadline in Texas?

As an Optometrist in Texas, you must complete and submit all of your CE requirements before you apply for your license renewal. You must renew your license yearly by December 31st.

What are my continuing education (CE) requirements in Texas?

Before renewing your optometry license, you are required to complete 16 hours of approved CE in total. Within those hours, you must have a specific number of hours covering topics such as the diagnosis or treatment of ocular disease, professional responsibility, and human trafficking. For more details, please refer to our table below.

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Diagnosis or treatment of ocular disease (DT Hours) 12 hours
Professional Responsibility or Ethics 1 hour
Human Trafficking Course 1 hour
Opioid Prescribing for Optometric glaucoma sepcialists 1 hour
Live hours 8 hours
Internet Courses 8 hours
Total 16 hours
  1. Professional Responsibility (Ethics) CE Requirements: A one hour course in professional responsibility is required to renew. This hour is included in the 16 hour requirement, no additional hours are required.
  2. Human Trafficking CE Requirement: To renew a license for 2021 and subsequent years, §116.002 of the Occupations Code requires all active licensees who provide direct patient care to complete a training course on identifying and assisting victims of human trafficking. Licensees will receive one general credit hour upon submission of written proof of completion of the approved course.
  3. Opioid Prescribing CE Requirement: Section 481.0764 of the Health and Safety Code requires all active optometric glaucoma specialists who prescribe or dispense opioids to take each year a one hour board approved continuing education course covering best practices, alternative treatment options, and multi-modal approaches to pain management that may include physical therapy, psychotherapy, and other treatments. Licensees will receive one D/T credit hour upon submission of written proof of completion of the approved course. These courses will be listed separately on the “Approved Courses” list on the website.
  4. Certificate of course completion may be mailed, faxed or e-mailed to Board.
  5. All courses must be approved by the Board.
  6. Licensees who have not obtained CE cannot renew.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the continuing education requirements to renew my license in Texas?

As an Optometrist licensed in Texas, you are required to receive 16 hours of CE in a renewal period. Within those 16 hours, you are required to have:

  • 6 hours of CE related to diagnostic or treatment of ocular disease.
  • 1 hour of CE related to professional responsibility or ethics.
  • 1 hour of CE related to human trafficking.
  • 8 hours of CE taken to at live events, such as conferences or classes.
If you are an optometric glaucoma specialist, you are also required to have 1 hour of CE related to the best practices, alternative treatment options, and multi-modal approaches to pain management.
When do I have to renew my Optometrist license in Texas?

The Texas Board of Optometry requires that you renew your license yearly, by December 31st.

How many hours of CE can Optometrists from Texas take online?

In Texas, Optometrists can have 8 hours of CE from online sources.

Does Texas accept COPE-approved CE?

Texas accepts COPE-approved CE that has also been approved by the Texas Board of Optometry.

You can see the lists of approved courses below:
Online Courses
Live Courses

Document last modified: 2020-06-23


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