This 62-year-old had cataract extraction 5 years ago and now presents with poor vision. Why?

Cornea Coach #14


Here we can see that the lens is no longer in the correct location. It has fallen inferiorly and both the edge of the lens optic (the part of the lens that is responsible for refraction) and the haptic (the part of the lens that maintains the lens’s position in the capsular bag) are visible.

The patient was diagnosed with a subluxed lens.

In the accompanying video featuring Dr. Ashley Brissette, assistant professor at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York, you will learn:

  • Review the causes of lens subluxation
  • Learn systemic diseases that are linked to this condition
  • Review the surgical options for this conditions
Cornea Coach #14 Analysis

Cornea Coach Tip

In a patient who loses their vision after cataract surgery, lens dislocation should always be considered; especially in a patient with pseudoexfoliation.

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