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161. White lesion on OCT

This person has 20/40 vision. Why?

Tip #161


This patient has intraretinal fluid in numerous places, including the inner nuclear layer, outer plexiform layer and the outer nuclear layer. A large microaneurysm is seen at the junction of the inner plexiform and nuclear areas. This corresponded to late frame leakage and vascular markings on OCTA (see video). There is thinning of the ellipsoid zone.

The patient was diagnosed with diabetic macular edema.

In this tip's accompanying 14 min. video, Dr. Sharma takes you through additional diagnostic imagery as well as:

  • How an OCTA differs in type I and II diabetic patients for FAZ area
  • How a microaneurysm looks on angiography
  • The differential diagnosis of macular edema
Tip #161 Analysis


A hyperreflective lesion with an even more hyperreflective rim is consistent with a microaneurysm.

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