An elderly woman presents with a deep elevation. What is it?

Tip #204


Here there are three areas of hyperreflectivity located in the superficial retina. These are retinal vessels that are in cross section. The are associated with deeper shadowing. There is a peaked elevation in the deep retina. The RPE and overlying ellipsoid zone are intact. The sclerochoroidal interface is hyperreflective and there is significant hyperreflectivity of the sclera.

This patient was diagnosed with sclerachoroidal calcification.

In this tip's accompanying 14 min. video, we'll review:

  • Causes of deep elevation of the retina
  • Cause of sclerochoroidal calcification
  • The difference between choroidal osteoma and sclerochodoidal calcification
Tip #202 Analysis


In a deep elevation, where hyper reflectivity is located beneath the RPE, consideration for sclerochoroidal calcification should be given.

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