OCT Tip 209 was originally published on Mar 5th, 2021.

Why is this retina thickened?

Tip #209


Here there are three areas the retina is thickened in the peri-foveal area. To the left there is significant shadowing. The overall gain of the image is decreased. There is a relatively sharp delineation between the area of perfusion supplied by the retinal artery and the choroid (middle limiting membrane). The patient was diagnosed with a retinal artery occlusion. The decreased gain was related to a cataract.

The patient was treated for retinal artery occlusion.

In this tip's accompanying 10 min. video, we'll review:

  • The causes of superficial retinal thickening
  • The systemic causes of retinal artery occlusion
  • The tests that need to be done in a patient with a retinal artery occlusion
Tip #209 Analysis


In a patient with inner retinal thickening and hyperreflectivity consider a retinal artery occlusion.

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