A young patient presents with a painful red eye. Why?

Tip #213


In this OCT there is some intraretinal fluid located at the level of the outer nuclear layer. In this (and in junction between the outer plexiform layer) are a few small exudates. Henle’s fibers are also seen. Deep to the RPE there is thickening of the choroid and elevation of the sclera. This patient had a serous retinal detachment (RD) and T-sign on B-scan (video).

The patient was treated for posterior scleritis.

In this tip's accompanying 13 min. video, we'll review:

  • The different types of scleritis
  • The presentation of scleritis
  • Systemic conditions associated with scleritis
Tip #213 Analysis


In any patient with deep retinal fluid, especially in the setting of a red painful eye, consider the possibility of posterior scleritis.

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