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160. Significant Retinal Thickening

A 66-year-old presents with blurred vision. Why?

Tip #160


In this image, there is clear evidence of intraretinal fluid and scattered hyperreflectivity in the retina. There is attenuation of the ellipsoid zone on the left. The choroid is thickened. The patient had a remote history of a choroidal melanoma that was treated with plaque therapy (video). They were noted to have a cataract.

The patient was diagnosed with radiation retinopathy.

In this tip's accompanying 14 min. video, Dr. Sharma takes you through additional diagnostic imagery as well as:

  • The differential diagnosis of macular edema
  • Pachychoroid
  • Melanoma regression on angiogram
Tip #160 Analysis


Always ask of a history of radiation in a patient with macular edema.

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