This 77-year-old man presents with droopy eyelids that obscure his field of vision. What do you see?

Plastics Coach #9


Here, we can see an involutional aponeurotic ptosis. Ptosis is defined as a marginal reflex distance-1 (MRD-1) of less than 4mm. The etiology is usually myogenic or aponeurotic; neurogenic and mechanical causes are much less common. It is very important to differentiate true ptosis from pseudoptosis. Management of ptosis depends on the specific etiology, age, levator function, and associated symptoms.

In this 17-minute video featuring Dr. Ahsen Hussain from Dalhousie University we will review:

  • How to classify causes of ptosis
  • Pathophysiology of ptosis
  • Management options for ptosis
Plastics Coach #9 Analysis

Plastics Coach Tip

Prompt detection of congenital ptosis is important since patients may also present with other ophthalmological or systemic findings that require early management.

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