This 6-year-old girl presents for assessment of left eye proptosis which has worsened significantly over the last week. Why?

Plastics Coach #4


Here, we see an orbital lymphatic-venous malformation (LVM). This is a rare, benign, congenital condition that is typically precipitated by an upper respiratory tract infection or trauma.

Orbital LVMs can be classified by hemodynamic status as no-flow or slow-flow; by location as superficial, deep, combined, or complex; and by composition as venous, lymphatic, or combined. Management is complex and interdisciplinary.

In this tip's accompanying 8 min. video, featuring Dr. Ahsen Hussain, assistant professor at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, we will review:

  • How to identify an orbital LVM
  • Etiologies for orbital LVM
  • Management for orbital LVM
Plastics Coach #4 Analysis

Plastics Coach Tip

Consider observation for patients who do not have visual compromise, as surgical interventions are precarious with potential for damage to critical structures in the orbit.

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