This 36-year-old woman presents with dry eye and blurry vision. Why?

Plastics Coach #15


Here, we see a case of upper eyelid retraction on the right eye.

Eyelid retraction can occur in the upper or lower eyelids.The three primary etiologies are neuromuscular, mechanical, and congenital. It is usually caused by vertical shortening of the skin or contraction of the conjunctiva. This may occur due to acute or chronic inflammatory changes. Risk factors include actinic sun damage, atopy, rosacea, periorbital dermatitis, and trachoma.

In this 14-minute video featuring Dr. Ahsen Hussain, assistant professor at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, we will:

  • Review the causes of eyelid retraction
  • Learn how to take a thorough history for eyelid retraction
  • Review the management for eyelid retraction
Plastics Coach #15 Analysis

Plastics Coach Tip

Do not confuse eyelid retraction with entropion or ectropion, which are types of lid margin rotation.

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