This young boy had poor vision from the left eye. Why?

Plastics Coach #23


Here the patient is noted to have significant ptosis. The patient was diagnosed with an organic amblyopia secondary to a congenital ptosis. After the surgery, the patient lost their vision and had a loss of corneal sensation and a corneal ulcer (see video).

The patient was diagnosed with a neurotrophic keratopathy and peripheral nerve dysfunction.

In this 22 min. video featuring Dr. Gabriela Lahaie Luna, Fellow, University of Pennsylvania and CHOP, we'll review:

  • How corneal sensation is measured
  • How neurotrophic keratopathy is diagnosed
  • Treatment options for neurotrophic keratopathy
Plastics Coach #23 Analysis

Clinical Tip

In a patient with corneal ulceration, and reduced sensation, consider the possibility of neurotrophic keratopathy.

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