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Since 2006 we've created premium content for over 20,000+ Optometrists so they can continue their education while staying CE compliant—on their terms.

Join us for the next EyeKnowâ„¢ Game
Sept. 26 at 2:30pm EDT

A fast-paced, live virtual event, where Optometry students compete with one another to see who is the best diagnostician and win awards and prizes!
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Lead Ambassadors

Victoria Bajorek 4th Year Optometry
Univesity of Waterloo

Victoria is a 4th year optometry student at the University of Waterloo School of Optometry and Vision Science. Originally from Brampton, Ontario, she loves any and all outdoor activities—mountain biking, hiking, camping, swimming. When it comes to eyes, she is especially interested in corneal conditions, specialty contact lenses, and ocular disease. Victoria is excited to partner with Optocase and further her optometric education to become the best clinician she can be for my patients.

Gillian Pond 4th year Optometry
Univesity of Waterloo

Originally from Simcoe ON, Gillian is a 4th year optometry student at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. She have a special interest in ocular disease and is committed to furthering her education to provide exceptional patient care. When she's not in clinic or studying for boards you can find her mountain biking or at the hockey rink.

Katrina Li 4th Year Optometry
Univesity of Waterloo

Katrina is a fourth year student at University of Waterloo Optometry school. She has a special interest in paediatric optometry and binocular vision. She was the award recipient for Reginald Williams Memorial Scholarship and Drs. Wensveen and Smith Award in Binocular Vision and Perception. She enjoys exploring new food, cooking, hiking, and painting in her free time.

Got what it takes?

The Optocase Ambassador Program is a volunteer opportunity for optometry students looking for an opportunity to increase their knowledge, broaden their network, and gain knowledge in disease diagnosis. Are you up for the challenge?

Share upcoming EyeKnow Game events with optometry students in your class via email or social. You call the shots.

Network with peers at Optocase's EyeKnow Games and win the rewards (if you can beat the competition).

Attend monthly Optocase LIVE! events for free to continue increasing your knowledge in clinical disease.

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