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How many times can I re-take a case?

You may take a quiz for any case twice. If you fail twice, you must re-purchase the case in order to try again.

How much do cases cost?

The pricing for cases can be seen on the Cases page. All prices are in USD. If three or more cases are purchased, you will receive a discount as noted on checkout.

Do you provide any free Continuing Education?

Yes, we always have at least one COPE approved case that you can complete for free and earn COPE-approved CE credit. Check out the "Cases" tab to see which ones are available for free. You must register first in order to take a case.

How do I download my certificates?

Once you've passed the quiz portion of a case, you can download your certificate immediately, or you can download it any time in from your Account Dashboard. Note: if you require your license number on the printed certificates, you may enter it in the PDF by clicking on the license field and typing it in. When you print your certificate, it will display right where you typed it.

What category of continuing education credits are Optocase modules and how many can I count towards my requirements?

All Optocase cases are approved by The Council on Optometric Practitioner Education (COPE) for a certain number of hours of credit as listed. Note that COPE was created by Association of Regulatory Boards of Optometry (ARBO) to accredit continuing education on behalf of optometric licensing boards.

Because licensing requirements are different in each country and in each state/province, you will need to check with your licensing body to verify how online, COPE-approved online CE credits apply to your licensing situation.

For the United States, some requirements can be seen here:

Why do cases expire?

All COPE-certified continuing education courses have a period of validity. In the case of online learning courses, typically 3 years.

When a case expires it will be temporarily inaccessible while it undergoes a content review, update, and subsequent re-certification. Once re-certified, the course will be available again.

If you have purchased a case and do not complete the quiz portion before the expiry, you will be unable to complete the course until the update is complete. Once updated, you will gain access to the revised version. If you are not satisfied, please contact us to discuss a refund or a substitution.

Is course data sent to the OE Tracker system?

At this time, Optocase does not send your course completion information to OE Tracker system. This is a feature we are investigating however.

For information on how to enter your completed courses into the OE Tracker, please visit the ARBO organization's website for the OE Tracker system at url:

Payments / Billing


All payments on are currently processed through Stripe.

Your sensitive card details are never sent to, nor stored on, servers. When you make a purchase your card information is sent direct from your web browser to our payment processor Stripe, so that we never have access to your sensitive card data.

If you opt to save your billing information for easier checkout, or purchase a subscription, your sensitive card information is only stored with the payment processor, and not on infrastructure.

Which forms of payment do you accept?

At this time we accept the following credit and debit cards.

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express

OCT Mastery Tips

What are the OCT Tips?

Each week we feature expert analysis of a new OCT. We take you through the relevant pathology, and what condition is indicated by the OCT. The highlight being a clinical pearl based on decades of experience by Ophthalmologist Dr. Sanjay Sharma.

The current and previous tips are free to access. Join the newletter to be notified of new tips.

An archive of past OCT tips, with additional video commentary is now available through our OCT Academy program. More information on this program appears here, and in the OCT Academy FAQ items below.

How do I receive the OCT Tips (Newsletter)

Sign-up for our weekly newsletter to be notified of new OCT Mastery Tips. The latest and previous tips are free to access in our tip Archive.

How do I access the back catalog of the OCT Tips?

The back catalog of OCT Tips with additional video commentary is available through our OCT Academy subscription. More information on this program appears here, and in the OCT Academy FAQ items below.

OCT Academy

OCT Academy - Overview


The OCT Academy programs are subscription based plans which allows access to additional learning materials. We currently offer two plans outlined below:

  • OCT Academy - Expert
  • OCT Academy - COPE

Feature - OCT Archive
Expert COPE
  • Access to the searchable back catalog of our OCT Tips
Feature - Additional OCT Video Analysis
Expert COPE
  • Joining the OCT Academy program also adds additional video analysis and commentary to each OCT tip. The material adds new levels of context and insight, not included in the text portions of the tips.
Feature - Cornea Coach
Expert COPE
  • Each week we review an anterior segment case with Dr. Ashley Brissette. Tune in as she walks us through the presentation, diagnosis, and management, or problems occuring in the lens, cornea, and other structures. Also gain access to the archived episodes.
Feature - Journal Club
Expert COPE
  • Join us each week for a video discussion of new or noteworthy topics appearing in the peer reviewed literature. Also gain access the growing archive of the Journal Club.
Feature - Diagnostic Imagery Atlas
Expert COPE
  • Access to over 100 searchable cases with associated diagnostic imagery: Fundus/Clinical, OCTs, Angiograms
Feature - Redeemable COPE 'credit hours'
  • When subscribing to the COPE plan, user's receive a number of 'credit hours' at the time of purchase, and every month thereafter. These credits can then be redeemed for Optocase courses. Each course's cost in 'credit hours' corresponds to the number of CE hours the course provides.
  • Yearly subscribers to the COPE plan receive 6.0 'credit hours' at the start of their subscription, and 2.0 every month afterwards. Monthly subscribers will receive 2.0 at the start, and 2.0 every month.
    OCT Academy - COPE: Credit hours allotment
    Initial Purchase Each Month
    Yearly COPE plan 6.0 2.0
    Monthly COPE plan 2.0 2.0
  • Your credit balance will be displayed on your account's Dashboard, as well as other areas such as the cases page. Courses to which you can apply your 'credit hours' will be indicated to you when on the Cases page, as well as individual case sections.
  • To redeem your 'credit hours' , add an eligible course to your cart. Proceed to the cart page, and follow the instructions there.
  • Please note that with annual subscriptions to the OCT Academy - COPE plan, the credit hours are still accrued monthly.

OCT Academy - Trial

A 14 day trial is available for the Expert plan, on both monthly and yearly renewal periods.

When will I be billed?

Billing of your subscription to the OCT Academy will begin shortly after your trial ends. We'll send you a reminder approximately three days before your trial ends, and billing begins.

Preventing billing

During your trial period you can disable billing to prevent your trial from converting into a paid subscription. Visit your your account's billing page, and choose the Disable Billing option. This will ensure that you will not be billed at the end of your trial.

Trial eligibiliy

Users can receive a trial once every 180 days.


Subscriptions - Summary of Terms & Policies


  • Service begins as soon as your payment is processed
  • Your subscription will renew automatically, unless auto-renew is disabled on the billing page
  • Renewal rates are subject to change, with reasonable prior notice
  • Manage your subscription from your account's billing page


At the end of each billing cycle your subscription will renew automatically. You'll receive an email notification a few days prior to the renewal occuring. You can disable auto-renewal at any time from your account's billing page.

Cancelation & Refunds

Our general refund policy is outlined below. However, Optocase reserves the right to review refund requests on a case-by-case basis, and in its sole discretion, grant or deny the request.

Monthly subscriptions
  • Expert plan — cancel within 14 days of intial subscription purchase for a full refund
  • COPE plan — cancel within 14 days of intial subscription purchase for a full refund, minus the price of any redeemed 'credit hours' provided by the subscription. For more details, please read the COPE plan refund stipulation section below.
  • No refunds after 14 days from intial subscription purchase
Annual subscriptions
  • Expert plan — cancel within 30 days of intial subscription purchase for a full refund
  • COPE plan — cancel within 30 days of intial subscription purchase for a full refund, minus the price of any redeemed 'credit hours' provided by the subscription. For more details, please read the COPE plan refund stipulation section below.
  • No refunds after 30 days from initial subscription purchase
COPE plan refund stipulation
  • If the 'credit hours' provided by the COPE plan are redeemed for a case, their dicounted cost ($10USD per 'credit hour') will be subtracted from the refunded amount.
  • For more information on the 'credit hours' provided by the COPE plan, please see the section 'monthly credits' within the OCT Academy - Overview faq item above.


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