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Sanjay Sharma, MD
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Dr. Sanjay Sharma

Hi, I'm Dr. Sanjay Sharma

I am a professor of Ophthalmology and I help Optometrists become great clinicians.

I have spoke to many eye doctors recently. And most of them have told me that they want to become the best clinician that they can be. 

I call it becoming a MASTER Clinician. 

A MASTER clinician is someone who is confident at reading an OCT in front of patients, 

Someone who has the respect of their specialist colleagues

A  leader in providing evidence-based eye care in their community.

When I started out, I realized that the cornerstone of being a great doctor was to master diagnostics. So I spent 10+ years honing my skills by reading the literature, doing 3 fellowships, writing 200+ papers and seeing tens of thousand of patients.

But I don’t want you to have to put in 10,000+ hours to become an expert!

So I developed an easy-to-use system that will help you confidently become a MASTER CLINICIAN in no time.

That’s the promise I made to the 20,000+ Optometrists who use Optocase to become excellent clinicians while staying CE compliant.

I hope you’ll give us a try – it’s unlike anything you’ve experienced.

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Our membership is built on 3 pillars:

World Class Content

Access 200+ hours of cases, videos, master classes and journal editorials - all taught by renown Ophthalmologist- for premiere content you won't find anywhere else.

COPE Credits, Simplified

Engaging cases from eye experts in neuro, retina, glaucoma, cornea and more that allow you to gain COPE CE credits on your time, while also improving your ability to diagnosis. CE cases are available for individual purchase or as part of our COPE membership plan.

Level Up Your Skills

Get advice, information and the tools you need to provide the best patient care, become an OCT master and impress some MD colleagues along the way.


"Dr. Sharma's case presentations are both extremely informative and highly relevant to my day to day practice as an eye care provider. The Optocase website is easy to access and well laid out!"
"Extremely informative and educational! Highly recommend for fellow eyecare professionals!"
"I have been receiving Dr. Sharmas OCT educational cases for almost a year now, and I learn something new each and every time I look at one of his cases. It has definitely increased my comfort with reading OCT images and is a really hassle-free way of keeping up to date on how to interpret complicated OCT readings. My colleagues and I are extremely grateful for this free service that Dr. Sharma provides."

Hi, we're Optocase

Since 2006 we’ve created premium content for 20,000+ Optometrist so they can continue their education while staying CE compliant – on their terms.