Is there a difference on OCT between these 2 eyes?

Glaucoma Coach #5


In this OCT, there is a significant difference between the two eyes. This test shows a TSNIT analysis which compares the retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) thickness between the 2 eyes (solid line is right eye and dotted is the left eye), and places them against a normative age-matched curve.

In this image there is a significant difference between the 2 eyes in the RNFL inferotemporally, suggesting damage in this area on the left eye (video).

In the accompanying 13 min. video featuring Dr. Hady Saheb, Glaucoma Fellowship Director at McGill University in Montreal, you will learn:

  • That OCT can measure glaucomatous changes in the macular, peripapillary area and the optic nerve
  • Important parameters to analyze on OCT in a glaucomatous patient
  • How to analyze a TSNIT plot

Glaucoma Coach Tip

A TSNIT analysis allows comparison of RNFL thickness between the 2 eyes and against an normative, age-matched curve.

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