Below is an OCT of the optic nerve head. What is abnormal?

Glaucoma Coach #5


Here there is good signal strength of 10 and 9 in both eyes. In the RNFL thickness color map there is thinning inferiorly in both eyes. The RNFL deviation map also shows thinning inferiorly at the margin of the disc. This image is consistent with glaucomatous damage.

In the accompanying 5 min. video featuring Dr. Hady Saheb, Glaucoma Fellowship Director at McGill University in Montreal, you will learn:

  • Review how to evaluate an OCT in a glaucomatous patient
  • See how the TSNIT analysis was affected in this patient
  • Correlate these changes to clinical features on ophthalmoscopy
Glaucoma Coach #5 Analysis

Glaucoma Coach Tip

RNFL thinning is an OCT feature that can be seen with glaucoma.

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