This patient is known to have myopia. Do you think the nerves suggest glaucoma?

Glaucoma Coach #3


This is a patient with know myopia. In both images there is evidence of peripapillary atrophy. In addition, there is evidence of vertical cupping.

The patient was diagnosed as a glaucoma suspect. A TSNIT analysis on OCT failed to show significant pathology, and the visual field did not show significant pathology (video).

In the accompanying 10 min. video featuring Dr. Hady Saheb, Glaucoma Fellowship Director at McGill University in Montreal, you will learn:

  • How reading OCTs can be different for patients with myopia
  • How an abnormal OCT can still be a reassuring sign
  • Which management options are considered when a patient is only glaucoma suspect
Glaucoma Coach #3 Analysis

Glaucoma Coach Tip

Ancillary testing with OCT and visual field can help confirm or refute the diagnosis of glaucoma in a patient with myopia.

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