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5. Declining vision after Cataract Surgery

This patient presents with slowly declining vision after cataract surgery. Why?

Cornea Coach #4


In this image, the pupil is dilated and there is some loss of pigment at the edge of the pupil. An IOL is seen, and its edge is clearly visible to the right of the image. There is significant scarring or phimosis of the anterior capsule (the capsulorhexis has shrunk). This patient was diagnosed with anterior capsular contraction syndrome.

In the accompanying 6 min. video featuring Dr. Ashley Brissette, assistant professor at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York, you will learn:

  • The presentation and risk factors of anterior capsule phimosis after cataract surgery
  • When an anterior capsule phimosis needs to be treated
  • A surgical intervention used when anterior capsule phimosis is present
Cornea Coach #4 Analysis

Cornea Coach Tip

Anterior capsular phimosis or anterior capsular contraction syndrome can cause poor vision from growth over the visual axis, lens decentration or tilting.

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