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12. Broken light reflex

This patient presents with pain, redness and a foreign body sensation. Why?

Cornea Coach #12


To the left of the light pipette, there is a broken light reflex. The corneal epithelium in the area is denuded. There are no signs of infiltration. The patient had a previous corneal abrasion and was diagnosed with a recurrent corneal erosion syndrome (RCES).

In the accompanying 8 min. video featuring Dr. Ashley Brissette, assistant professor at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York, you will learn:

  • Why symptoms of RCES often occur when waking from sleep
  • How dry eye relates to RCES
  • The available treatments of RCES
Cornea Coach #12 Analysis

Cornea Coach Tip

Patients are at risk if for recurrent corneal erosion if they have had a previous mechanical injury, a corneal dystrophy or have dry eye.

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